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Since 1992 there have been Health and Safety regulations protecting the eye health of employees who spend a significant amount of their working day using display screen equipment (DSE). Sometimes referred to as Visual Display Units, DSE can include computer screens, laptops, touch screens and even digital supermarket checkouts.

There’s no evidence to imply that DSE users suffer permanent damage to their eyesight, but they can certainly experience eye strain after prolonged use. With regards to this, you are required, under law, to provide an eye test if requested. If a test confirms that a user needs glasses specifically for working on DSE, you must also cover the cost of a basic pair of frames and lenses.

As well as ensuring your legal requirements are met, the Vision Express VDU Eyecare plan has the added advantage that it provides other valuable benefits.
All for just £15 per employee.

The VDU eyecare plan

The benefits in full

Free Eye Test

Free eye test

including digital retinal

£30 off glasses

£45 OFF from Vision Express

on prescription glasses
with single vision lenses

Free contact lenses


Upgrades available via
employee contribution in store

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