How do I repair my glasses?


Ill-fitting frames

Glasses that become too tight or too loose can also be adjusted. Metal and plastic frames can be reshaped when gently heated, as the heat will soften the material and allow you to bend the temples back into their original shape.

When adjusting the frame, make sure the frame does not have any oxidation. If the temples of your glasses have white spots or marks, chances are the material has hardened. If you try and adjust the frame when it’s oxidised, the temples might break, even after heating them.

Pour hot water into a bowl and place your glasses (ideally only the temples) in the water for a minute or two. Be careful: if the water is too hot to touch, chances are it's too hot for your glasses. Water warmer than lukewarm can affect the coating of your lenses. Remove the frames from the water and bend the temples gently.

Bending the temples inward makes them tighter and bending them outward makes them looser. Place them back in the water to reheat if the frame cools and stiffens. Try not to force the temples, otherwise they may break.



Unfortunately, there are no products to remove scratches. Polishing the lenses enough to remove a scratch will also change the prescription of the lens, which can result in blurred vision, eye fatigue or eye strain. To prevent scratches in future you can add an extra scratch-resistant coating to your lenses. When you next buy new glasses or replace your lenses it may be worth considering.

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