Get Subscription-savvy with Alison Hammond

With Brits wasting £14 billion a year on unused subscriptions, we’ve been speaking with Alison Hammond to help you get savvier with your sign ups. Nowadays, there are so many options when it comes to film, music, gaming memberships and more, it’s no wonder we struggle to make the most of them all and forget to cancel any we don’t use. One membership you’re certain to make the most of however, is our Eyecare Plan. You can choose 2 pairs of glasses from just £5.70 a month with an interest free loan. You’ll also get free eye tests, lifetime servicing and more.

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Why do we sign up?

After seeing some of these figures, you may think why many of us sign up to these subscriptions in the first place if we don’t use them.

55% of us are lured in by an introductory offer or a free trial, and 45% plan to cancel the subscription once the trial finishes. However, more than a quarter of Brits forget to cancel in time, which costs an average of £260 per year.