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Discover more this new year

Discover more through a new lens in 2022 with contact lenses. You can experience the freedom, comfort and convenience they can bring to your life. Come into one of our stores for a contact lens assessment and try a free 5 day trial of either daily disposable or reusable contact lenses.


Making sure contact
lenses are right for you

For your free contact lens assessment, one of our opticians will take a look at your eyes and ask you a few questions about your lifestyle. We can then suggest the right type of contact lenses for you, across our wide range of brands.

We’ll also show you how to insert and remove your lenses, as well as how you can look after them. For more information, you can see how to use contact lenses.

To make sure your chosen contact lenses are right for you, you can then try them out for 5 days to see how they feel. Your options are either five pairs of daily disposable lenses, or a pair of reusable contact lenses.

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