Contact lenses for kids

It may take a little time for a child to adapt to wearing contact lenses, but to most children it will soon become second nature. Whether they’re using them as a confidence booster or to make playing sports at school easier, children are usually enthusiastic wearers of contact lenses.


This all depends on how mature your child is, and how willing they are to take care of their lenses.

Most optometrists recommend the minimum age is between 12 and 13, but if you have a particularly responsible 10 year old, you may decide they can be trusted to safely wear contact lenses.       

You are the best person to make that decision, but if you’re unsure, talk to one of our expert optometrists. They’ll be able to tell you whether your child is suitable for contact lens. They’ll also check if your child is able to insert and remove the lenses safely.

A study has found that more than eight out of ten children and teenagers found it easy to clean and care for their lenses after three months of wearing them.