Make-up tips for glasses wearers

Make-up and glasses have a history – ask anyone who’s ever tried slightly-too-long false lashes or spotted foundation marks on their nose. However, that’s all set to change. Here are our best tips, tricks and hacks to make the most of your make-up, sort out any foundation glitches and adjust your look to your lenses.

- 4 minutes to read


Start by taking a look at your frames

If you haven’t already chosen your frames or you’re thinking of getting a new pair, now’s the time to work out which frames suit your face and what face shape you have. If you’ve already got your frames, pop them on and examine them closely. Are they thick or thin, delicate or chunky? What colour are they?



Build your make-up look to
adapt to your glasses

Your eye make-up, brows, blusher, highlighter and bronzer will all depend on how your glasses sit on your face, the parts they obscure and the parts they draw attention to.

Pop your frames on and see which parts of your face they cover or sit upon – these will be the areas to be mindful of in terms of coverage.

Looking for new frames to
update your make up look?

If these tips have got you thinking, check out our top picks below to find your new look from £25.

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