Survive hay fever & pollen bombs this summer

Hay fever is a common pollen allergy that affects up to 1 in 5 people. There are many symptoms of hay fever, and it can affect everyone differently. Hay fever isn’t a serious condition, and there are many ways it can be managed and treated.

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With a pollen bomb set to hit the UK this summer, see our tips below on reducing the effects of hay fever on your eyes, throat and nose.


 Hay fever and your eyes


What is a pollen bomb?

A pollen bomb isn’t as devastating as it sounds with the right preparation.
It is a sudden release of pollen from trees and plants than increases the
pollen count in the air, usually occurring in Spring and Summer. This can
have irritable effects on people who suffer from hay fever.


Check the pollen count

Another simple way to avoid hay fever is by checking the weather forecast to
see the predicted pollen count. We’re not recommending you spend your entire
summer indoors hiding from pollen, but you can plan you daily activities when
the pollen count is lower.


You can find out more about eye health, as well as eye allergies. If you have any questions about your eyes, you can talk to us in store where we can give you an eye test.

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