Road Safety Week 2021

16th to 21st November

As part of this important national initiative, we’ll again be joining with other organisations across the UK to raise awareness of how regular eye tests can help prevent road accidents.

The connection between poor vision and motoring-related incidents simply cannot be ignored. Which is why we urge everyone, especially regular drivers, to have an eye test at least every two years.

For this year’s Road Safety Week there’ll be a particular focus on the safety of motorcyclists and the rapidly increasing number of cyclists on UK roads. As more than a third of people killed or seriously injured on UK roads are those travelling on two wheels, this year’s message for riders and drivers alike is Bike Smart.

Facts and figures

Campaigning for change

Vision Express has been campaigning for changes to sight standards for drivers since 2015 under the banner ‘Eye tests save lives’, following government statistics revealing that around 3,000 road casualties are down to poor driver vision each year.

Currently, we are urging MPs to take action to scrap the controversial 20m number plate test, which we believe is an inadequate and outdated method of assessing driver vision. We are pressing for it to be replaced with a mandatory sight check every 10 years for UK motorists.

Don’t risk driving if you’re noticing problems with your vision or you haven’t had your eyes checked within the last two years. Remember, eye tests save lives. So book yours today.