Ray-Ban Reverse

The Ray-Ban Reverse collection takes iconic frames you know and reinvents them into something new and disruptive. See the innovative Wayfarer and Avi…

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World Diabetes Day 2022

Currently, in the UK, someone is diagnosed with Diabetes every two minutes. Early diagnosis is so important for all types of diabetes. It can save lives, prevent medical emergencies, and reduce the…

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Bonfire Night guide for your eyes

Have fun this Bonfire Night with the help of our eye safety guide. Read our 5 tips on how to protect your eyes this Bonfire Night.

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Festival sunglasses to match your look

Your festival eyewear is an essential part of your kit, whether you’re glamping at Glastonbury or raving at Reading. Sunglasses do so much more than neatly pull your outfit together – they protect yo…

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Make-up tips for glasses wearers

Make-up and glasses have a history – ask anyone who’s ever tried slightly-too-long false lashes or spotted foundation marks on their nose. However, that’s all set to change. Here are our best tips,…

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Ray-Ban: Iconic Frames

Ray-Ban sunglasses are one of, if not the, most recognisable in the world. As well as the staple frames being stylish and high-quality, they’re iconic. Throughout generations, they’ve been entwined w…

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Celebrating the Queens Platinum Jubilee with Grea…

We’ve chosen a selection of this season's hottest set of frames from our best of British brands to honour the Queens Platinum Jubilee and stylishness. Starting from £15, we’ve 100s of Great British …

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Contact Lenses and Cooking

There are several things that you need when it comes to cooking. A keen sense of taste and smell is a great starting place as well as a good recipe but one thing that you may not be thinking about is…

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2022 eyewear: New year, new you?

2022 presents you with a chance to try something new. It’s been another tough year for everyone, mainly due to things out of our control like the pandemic. However, one thing you have control over is…

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How to wear retro sunglasses

Trends for sunglasses come and go, or do they? Fashion has a somewhat cyclical nature to it, and what was once in style goes out of style. However, it does seem eventual to always come back around ag…

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How to wear clear glasses

We all want to make a statement with our eyewear. Some people go for darker frames or bold colours, however, a recent alternative to colour altogether is clear glasses. These frames are versatile and…

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How to wear round glasses

Trends for glasses and sunglasses come and go throughout the years. With every trend, there come questions. Questions of whether my face is going to work with these frames, what colours should I go w…

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Autumn & Winter Eyewear Trends

Although Summer this year was short-lived, it’s time to look forward to Autumn and Winter. Despite the cold and the rain creeping up on us, there are some things to look forward to during these seaso…

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Menopause and dry eyes

Once women reach their 40’s, menopause and hormonal changes can affect their health in several ways. During the menopause, your body produces less reproductive hormones like oestrogen. This can affec…

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What are gaming glasses?

Gaming glasses are said to reduce eye strain, headaches and blurred vision. Read our blog to find out more about how to protect your eyes playing video games.

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Back to school: how bad eyesight impacts school p…

Bad eyesight could be holding your child back from performing well at school. Read our article for signs your child might need an eye exam.

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