6 ways to update your eyewear in 2023

Ready to try something new this 2023, but not sure where to start? Whether it’s trying a new look, or you’ve got a new hobby, we have new and excitin…

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2022 eyewear: New year, new you?

2022 presents you with a chance to try something new. It’s been another tough year for everyone, mainly due to things out of our control like the pandemic. However, one thing you have control over is…

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How to wear retro sunglasses

Trends for sunglasses come and go, or do they? Fashion has a somewhat cyclical nature to it, and what was once in style goes out of style. However, it does seem eventual to always come back around ag…

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How to wear clear glasses

We all want to make a statement with our eyewear. Some people go for darker frames or bold colours, however, a recent alternative to colour altogether is clear glasses. These frames are versatile and…

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Barbour Glasses Collection

The Barbour glasses collection incorporates 125 years of heritage into their stylish and timeless range. Since 1894, the Scottish, family-owned business has been designing elegant clothing and access…

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How to wear round glasses

Trends for glasses and sunglasses come and go throughout the years. With every trend, there come questions. Questions of whether my face is going to work with these frames, what colours should I go w…

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Autumn & Winter Eyewear Trends

Although Summer this year was short-lived, it’s time to look forward to Autumn and Winter. Despite the cold and the rain creeping up on us, there are some things to look forward to during these seaso…

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Menopause and dry eyes

Once women reach their 40’s, menopause and hormonal changes can affect their health in several ways. During the menopause, your body produces less reproductive hormones like oestrogen. This can affec…

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What are gaming glasses?

Gaming glasses are said to reduce eye strain, headaches and blurred vision. Read our blog to see how else you can look after your eyes when playing video games.

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Blue Light Glasses for Children

With digital devices playing a bigger part in children’s education, it’s important you protect their eyes from digital devices.

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Back to school: how bad eyesight impacts school p…

Bad eyesight could be holding your child back from performing well at school. Read our article for signs your child might need an eye exam.

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Vision problems might hamper learning ‘the 3 R’s’…

If you are having trouble at school it might be related to an undiagnosed vision problem. Read our article to find out how.

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Back to work: how your office might be bad for yo…

Going back to the office means working in one position for long periods. Read on to know how to protect your eyes at the same time.

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Self-care when working from home

Working from home can take its toll on our mental and physical wellbeing. Vision Express discuss self-care when working from home.

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Ergonomic Home Office Equipment

Ergonomic office equipment can create a comfortable home workstation. This can benefit our eye, neck & back health and increase productivity.

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What is eye yoga?

Eye yoga is a recent wellness trend which is said to reduce eye strain and help your eyes to focus. Find out about eye exercises and more.

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