2022 eyewear: New year, new you?

2022 presents you with a chance to try something new. It’s been another tough year for everyone, mainly due to things out of our control like the pandemic. However, one thing you have control over is looking to improve yourself. Whether this is trying a new look, improving your health or reducing your impact on the environment, 2022 is an opportunity for a fresh start. At Vision Express, we have a few products to help inspire the new you in 2022.

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New year resolution ideas!


Try a new style



Contact lenses

Another way to switch up your look in 2022 is by swapping your glasses for contact lenses. Whether this is for exercising or trying something new, you can try a free trial for contact lenses and discover the ease and convenience they can offer you.

You can choose from reusable or disposable contact lenses, whichever you think suits your lifestyle best. As well as being convenient, contact lenses can give you a new look. Whether they’re to be worn daily or for special occasions, contact lenses let you look your best without wearing glasses.



Another way you might like to make a change this year is by reducing your impact on the environment. Taking public transport, recycling and eating less meat are common ways people are trying to do this. A more recent way which is gaining popularity is sustainable fashion. This can include shopping from sustainably responsible brands, as well as buying less clothing and recycling unwanted items.


Sports and activities

When it comes to new year’s resolutions, exercise and fitness is one that appear at the top of most peoples list. It’s also a difficult one to stick to. Setting realistic expectations and sticking to a routine can help you stick to keeping fit.

Whatever new activity or hoby you're looking to take up in 2022.  We have a range of sunglasses perfect for these activities. See our ‘Best sunglasses for’ page for help choosing the right sunglasses. 


Look after your eyes

Whether you opt for a new look, a new activity, hobby, or reducing your impact on the environment, we can help you choose the right eyewear best for you. Just pop into store today.