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Moleskine (+2.50) MR3100 50 Prescription Ready Readers

Product description

  • Light and comfortable acetate frame
  • Transparent lenses which fits your needs

Moleskine Eyewear reading glasses in +2.50 prescription. Whatever you’re reading - from the headlines to a work report, study notes or a novel that you simply can’t put down, Moleskine Eyewear reading glasses keep every word in focus. These quietly elegant glasses feature special rotating temples and scratch-resistant lenses. Each pair comes with a protective rigid case designed to mirror the look and feel of the classic notebook. Reading glasses cannot be used to correct errors such as astigmatism and short sight or differences in sight between your eyes. Consult your optician immediately with any vision problems. We strongly recommend that you have an eye test before purchasing these glasses if you have not been tested in the last 2 years. For near vision and reading only, not for use as eye protection or for persons under the age of 16. Not for driving or vehicle operation.



Moleskine (+2.50) MR3100 50 Prescription Ready Readers

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Transparent / Blue +2.50
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Frame measurements

Bridge width16 mm
Lens diameter53 mm