Optase Moist Reusable Heat Mask 1 x Mask

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Product description

Reusable mask for effective relief from dry eye, Blepharitis and MGD, chalazion and styes. Use twice daily for 10 minutes. Washable and Reusable. Soft and Comfortable to Wear. Always read the product information before use and follow instructions.

Usage instructions:
  • Remove the Moist Heat Mask from the carry pouch and place it flat in the microwave. Heat the Moist Heat Mask in an 800W microwave for 25 seconds. Remove the Moist Heat Mask from the microwave. Always touch with fingers first to test the temperature before applying to closed eyes. If necessary allow the Moist Heat Mask to cool to 1 minute and re-test. Strap the Moist Heat Mask on to sit over closed eyes for 10 minutes.




Use only as instructed. If you experience any irritation, remove lenses and consult your Optician.