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Timberland designer glasses

Since their launch in 1973, Timberland has been synonymous with quality, excellent workmanship and stylish products manufactured to the highest standards. Their glasses range is as versatile as it is recognisable – from bold, black frames to striking half frames with pared-down temples and delicate bridges. Timberland’s clean, monochrome lines paired with subtle, colourful detail are perfect for anyone looking for an understated, playful look which speaks for itself.

Timberland has always been proud of using environmentally-sustainable methods to manufacture their comfortable, elegant designs. Regenerative practices, using responsibly-sourced natural materials and incorporating a zero-waste policy are just a few of the ways Timberland is making a difference. Their Earthkeeper range uses plastic derived from castor oil instead of petroleum-based materials – this bio-based plastic offers an eco-friendly alternative, can biodegrade in soil, and is a renewable resource.

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