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Versace designer glasses

Luxury Italian brand Versace design premium accessories and eyewear. The logo, the head of the Greek mythological figure Medusa, was chosen due to people falling in love with the head at first sight. The same can also be said for Versace's prescription glasses.

Using bold colours and innovative designs, the Versace glasses range includes eyewear for work, social occasions or both. As well as being fashionable, the glasses are also durable, made with quality materials and craftmanship.

Our Versace range features sleek, minimal designs, as well as trendy, oversized frames. With several bold colours and materials to choose from, you’re sure to find a pair of Versace prescription glasses for any occasion.

At Vision Express, we have a range of women's glasses, as well as exclusive brands to Vision Express. You can order your designer glasses online or in store.

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