Lens Options

At Vision Express we will recommend the best option for you.

  • Single vision lenses

    Single vision lenses have one single prescription across their entire surface and are suitable in all scenarios, whether you need your glasses for driving, working or reading.

    Vision Express also offer the latest innovations in single vision lenses. From our Clearview Crystal Advanced lenses delivering our widest fields of view, clear vision to the very edge of the lens, superb contrast and colour definition as well as being extremely slim and light to options such as Thin & Light for great comfort and appearance; Anti-Reflection for clearer vision and Adaptive Lenses that change with the light for added comfort.

    If you need to wear glasses for both distance and near vision, you could wear separate pairs of single vision glasses dedicated to each task. However, the preferable option would be to consider the benefits of Varifocals.

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  • Bifocal lenses

    A bifocal lens provides distance and near vision in one lens. The near vision correction of the lens is contained in a segment, often visible on the front of the lens. This segment provides the extra power necessary for you to read clearly.

    Bifocals may still leave a gap for mid-distance vision; and, as a line dividing the lens is visible, some customers feel bifocals are not as cosmetically appealing.

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  • Reading glasses

    At Vision Express we will recommend the best option for you. For reading, this could be single vision lenses dedicated to your needs - or you may be looking for a quick solution to keep handy by using Ready Readers. We have a full range in our accessories section in store.

    Ready Readers are an ideal accompaniment to prescription glasses. Fitted with simple magnifying lenses, Ready Readers do not act as correction lenses, but are useful for everyday reading around the home. Our multi-pack option allows you to keep a spare pair at your bedside or next to your computer, giving you instant access to clear vision whenever you need to read small print.

    Regular eye check-ups are still necessary to determine your eye health status and vision needs.

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