Blue Light Glasses

If you spend lots of time looking at digital devices, whether this is a computer screen, mobile phone or television, your eyes may be exposed to blue light. Blue light isn’t necessarily harmful to your eyes or vision; however, it can affect how well you sleep. Overexposure to digital devices can also cause digital eye strain and computer vision syndrome.

Blue light glasses block harmful blue light rays. This reduces their effects and helps to improve sleep. You can find out more about blue light and blue light blocking glasses below.



Blue Light Filter

Glasses that block blue light are also known as computer glasses or screen protection glasses. The lenses in these glasses block blue light from penetrating your eyes. Often these lenses are blue reflection, which helps counterbalance the blue light rays.

Just like sunglasses block UV rays from harming your eyes, blue light lenses block blue light rays from penetrating your eyes through digital devices. This means you can continue to use digital devices, without this affecting how well your body produces melatonin and how well your sleep.


Our lenses with Anti-Reflection Plus Blue have all the benefits of our standard Plus coating, along with enhanced scratch resistance and anti-static technology which means the lenses attract less dust.


• Enhanced scratch resistance

• Easy to clean

• Water and oil repellent


Other ways to reduce blue light

As well as blue light glasses, there are other ways you can reduce exposure to blue light. Reducing how much time you spend looking at screens and taking regular breaks is effective, especially during night, when your body produces melatonin to tell your body to sleep. For more tips on managing exposure to blue light and digital devices, you can see our self-care when working from home guide, as well as our guide on blue light glasses for children.

If you’re worried digital devices have affected your vision, you can talk to us in store or come in for an eye test. We also have a variety of lens options for you to choose from.