Choosing the perfect lenses

Based very much on your individual needs, budget and lifestyle, our in store experts will help you choose the perfect lenses and depending on your condition you may be prescribed glasses that have either single focus lenses, bifocal lenses, or varifocal lenses.

They’ll also explain the options available to you and the added lens enhancements which could protect your glasses or further improve your vision.



Book and appointment to see which lenses you require

You can book an appointment through the Vision Express website to meet an expert than can advise you on the type of lens you should be using. You can also ask your optician to advise you on the different coatings that can be put on the lenses, such as anti-reflection coating and anti-scratch coating to further enhance your glasses and their lenses. Always make sure to tell your optician about any discomfort or concerns that you might have so that they can be solved in a timely manner.