Buying a pair of glasses is an investment, both financially and in the health of your eyes.To ensure that your glasses perform to their optimum, a range of accessories has been created to help you care for your glasses. Taking care of your glasses is now easier than ever, with a full range of products that can prolong the life of your designer frames and keep your lenses clean and protected.

  • Ready Readers

    Ready Readers

    If you already wear prescription glasses for seeing at a distance, but you also have trouble seeing things close up, you may find Ready Readers useful. Although they’re not strictly correction lenses, they are fitted with simple magnifying lenses, so they do help with reading. Ready Readers are also available in multipacks.

    Instead of using Ready Readers, you also have the option of having varifocal glasses or multifocal contact lenses, which combine two prescriptions in one lens.

  • 3-in-1 metal screwdrivers

    3-in-1 metal screwdrivers

    The 3-in-1 screwdriver is an essential piece of equipment if you want to maintain your glasses and keep them in perfect condition. For use on glasses and sunglasses, the screwdriver comes with both regular and Phillips style ends to secure any type of screw. A loose screw can mean the difference between a pair of glasses that fit comfortably and a pair that sit uncomfortably on your face, and a few seconds with a screwdriver can eliminate loosening both on the arms of the frame and on the lenses. The pack comes with two spare locking screws to replace that lost screw that fell between the cushions of the sofa!

  • Lens wipes and cleaners

    Lens wipes and cleaners

    There's nothing worse than a grease stain or smudge right in the middle of your glasses. However, Vision Express' lens wipes are specifically designed to clean and polish all types of lenses, both glass and plastic. The impregnated cloth quickly removes stubborn grease marks and smears leaving the surface of your lenses spotlessly clean. Lens wipes are also anti-static, meaning that dust particles are not attracted to the surface of your lenses, keeping them cleaner for longer. The cleaning fluid evaporates and dries quickly, leaving your lenses like new. Please note that lens wipes are not suitable for use on contact lenses.

  • Cords (Dualies)

    Cords (Dualies)

    Dualies are the common name for the cord that can be attached to your glasses to keep them safe. They have the flexibility to be worn in two different ways, simply by attaching or removing the end pieces. They can be worn as a rugged sports band by attaching the dualies to the temple ends of the frame, keeping your glasses in place during activity. Alternatively, they can be used as a conventional holder by slipping the ends onto the arms of the glasses and keeping the cord around your neck. Dualies can be used on both glasses and sunglasses and remove that age-old problem of putting your glasses down and forgetting where you left them!

  • Cushioned nose pads

    Cushioned nose pads

    If you wear your glasses for prolonged periods they can begin to irritate the delicate skin on the bridge of the nose through pressure and rubbing, particularly if you have a slightly heavier style of frame. Cushioned nose pads give you additional comfort when wearing glasses and the soft cushion pad prevents the skin becoming irritated or sore. They can also stop the frames from slipping - particularly useful when working at a desk or on your laptop. The cushioned nose pads have an adhesive back for easy application, taking only a few seconds to put in place but giving you lasting comfort.

  • Lens cloths

    Lens cloths

    The surface of your glasses is delicate and easily scratched, whether you have glass or plastic lenses fitted to your frames. Using the corner of a jumper to wipe everyday dust and marks from the lenses can damage them, so at Vision Express we supply specially designed lens cloths to clean your lenses safely and without risking the delicate surface. The soft cloth cleans smears and smudges from your glasses that, if allowed to build up, can affect the effectiveness of your glasses, particularly when driving. The high-density construction of the micro-thin fibres absorbs grease and moisture far more effectively than other materials.

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For more information about our wide range of accessories please ask an Optical Advisor at your local store.