Being open to new perspectives, changing what’s already been done and going beyond the imagination. This is the new Polaroid sunglasses collection.

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Polaroid Sunglasses Polaroid Sunglasses

Start dreaming with your eyes wide open in the very latest styles - from slim steel frames to soft pastel shades, in shapes ranging from oval and round to pilot and cat-eye.

If you want to see the world from different points of view, with enhanced clarity, Polaroid sunglasses are available to buy from Vision Express online now.

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Get ready to see the world through new eyes.
Change the rules of reality and do what others can’t even imagine.

The advantages of polarised lenses

When light reflects off shiny surfaces, such as sand, water, snow or tarmac, it’s diffused in horizontal and vertical waves. Horizontal waves allow the eye to visualise colours and contrasts, but vertical waves only produce glare. As this affects visibility, certain activities - such as driving, cycling or skiing - can become more dangerous.

While non-polarised lenses just darken what you are looking at, sunglasses with Polaroid lenses ensure more comfort and less glare. Thanks to their anti-glare properties, polarised lenses can be worn all day, every day, to live every moment in style, safety and comfort.

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