Lens options for sunglasses

Once you’ve chosen sunglasses from our extensive range of exclusive brands and the latest designer frames, there are a number of lens options open to you. Whether you choose prescription, adaptive or polaroid lenses, or one of our choice of coloured tints, you’ll still be safe in the sun with 100% UV protection.

A pair of brown tortoiseshell Instyle sunglasses alongside a yellow circle with black text.
Circular image of beach, sea and sky showing effect of polarised lenses. Grey, green and brown lenses appear below.
A pair of In Style sunglasses with black frame and blue lenses. Images of silver and blue lenses appear below.
A variety of coloured lenses for sunglasses in solid and gradual tints.
Man with beard outdoors in grey teeshirt wearing sunglasses which have red arms.
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Close-up circular image of man with dark hair and beard wearing sunglasses which have adaptive lenses.
A image of a single grey lens.
An image of a single brown lens.
An image of a single green lens.
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