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Karün designer sunglasses

A sustainable eyewear brand developed in Patagonia, Karün collaborates with local communities to collect materials, protect the environment, and create a stylish, dynamic range of sunglasses made to stand the test of time.

Karün’s sunglasses range are the perfect blend of fashion and eco-conservation, with a twist of self-expression. From thin-rimmed sunglasses with lightly-tinted lenses to bold, chunky frames in a range of urban-inspired colours and shapes, these sunglasses ensure durability paired with a fun, fresh look - effortlessly combining functionality and design.

Karün see things from the perspective of nature - wild, powerful and majestic - and their designs echo this sentiment. As well as striving to protect and maintain the environment by listening to indigenous tribes, Karün’s sunglasses help to share and spread their perspective of the world and fund long-term ecological projects.

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