Spring and Summer
Eyewear Trends 2022

With winter in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to look ahead to the warmer seasons of Spring and Summer. It’s not just the weather that’s looking good, the trends in eyewear this year also are. Some of this year’s men and women’s fashion trends range from nostalgic feel-good looks, call-backs to the 70s, homages to nature, neo-punk aesthetics, and ultra-luxe comfort. Eyewear is a great way to accessorise these styles. So come and have a look at some of the glasses and sunglasses that can bring your look to life this spring and summer.


Retro Optimism

Firstly, let’s look at the nostalgic feel-good look of Retro Optimism.

Going all out

Next up, we have the vivacious and light-hearted take on the ultra glamourous looks of the 1970s with Going All Out.

Sensual Sci-Fi

One of the hottest trends coming into 2022 is the resurgence of pop-punk, and Sensual Sci-Fi aims to bring that trend to your eyewear

Whimsical Nature

Another trend that’s really going to be coming to the fore in 2022 is Whimsical Nature.

Tactile Poetry

Our final trend to keep an eye on is Tactile Poetry.


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