Freedom of Information

UK publication scheme (excluding Scotland)



Vision Express provide ophthalmic services to the NHS as described in the Freedom of Information Act 2005 (FoIA). Under the FoIA, we are required to adopt a publication scheme setting out the information we routinely make available in relation to the NHS services we provide.

The publication scheme is a statutory obligation under Section 19 of the FoIA and as such, we have adopted the Information Commissioner's Model Publication Scheme (MPS). The MPS can be found on the Information Commissioner's website.

By adopting the MPS, we must consider the classes of information outlined by the Information Commissioner. We must also have regard to the public interest in allowing public access to information we hold in relation to the NHS services we provide. We are also required to disclose the fees (if any) to access the information and details of how to access the information that we publish.

This MPS includes information required by the classes of information, these being found under the heading of ‘Guide to Information’ as is required by the Information Commissioner.

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