We realise that you, the customer, can buy glasses online from many other websites.

You may have noticed that although we display a broad range of glasses and sunglasses here on visionexpress.com, we do not sell glasses through the website. We realise this may be frustrating in terms of convenience, but it is a decision that we have considered carefully throughout the years and it is a decision that we do not make lightly.

The reasoning behind our decision is simple.

At Vision Express, we take vision seriously. Although we do produce a large amount of glasses on a daily basis, that are built exactly to the customer’s specifications and prescriptions, even when the glasses are complete we cannot ensure that they will fit the customer individually until we’ve properly fitted them instore. This is part of the dispensing processes, that buying online glasses sidesteps entirely. Glasses that do not fit correctly can cause discomfort or eye strain, meaning your vision is not as good as it possibly could be.

Setting you up with the correct glasses is an intricate and important process that requires professional assistance which cannot be properly administered online.

Pupillary Distance

Ensuring your glasses fit perfectly requires measurement of the correct pupillary distance or the distance in millimetres between the centres of your pupils. For the best quality of vision, your lenses must be centred correctly in front of each pupil. The pupillary distance needs to be exact to the millimetre because any assumption or miscalculation can mean that your glasses don’t fit correctly leading to discomfort and sub-optimal vision. This is especially the case with higher +/- 5 prescriptions and those who require Varifocal lenses.

It is very difficult to measure your own pupillary distance without assistance which is why it is best carried out by an associate during the dispensing process.

For first time buyers, it is essential to be walked through the entire process – the health screen, the eye test and the dispensing process.

Eye Test and Eye Health Checkup

Included in our eye test is a thorough health screening which can identify more serious health concerns such as glaucoma, diabetes and high blood pressure. This is something we can only perform instore with our trained associates and opticians using professional equipment. The majority of people, should be getting their eyes tested once every two years, and those with diagnosed conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration will need tests more frequently. The frequency of eye examinations will be stated by the optometrist.

Buying glasses online can get you out of the habit of getting your eyes tested once every two years, which can mean that changes in prescriptions or certain conditions go unchecked.

Try them on

You never really know whether the glasses are right for you until you try them on. Seeing them displayed online as a pair is one thing, but it is only until you get to try them on do you get the full picture. Your glasses will become a vital part of you, they need to look right and feel comfortable upon your face.

Returning Glasses

Buying glasses online can sometimes mean you have no right to refund your purchases should you be unhappy with them. Buying glasses on the high street will usually come with the added security of further protection should they break or go missing, or simply whether they don’t meet your expectations.

It may be more convenient to buy glasses online but we cannot guarantee that you’ll be getting the best fit for you. When it comes to your eyesight, it’s better to be safe than sorry and get your eyes properly fitted with professional assistance. For the last twenty years, Vision Express has built a process dedicated to supplying you with the best quality eye wear so that you may get the best out of your vision. This is why we choose not to sell glasses online.