Ocular migraine

An ocular migraine, also known as a retinal migraine, is an episode of vision loss, or blurred vision, that occurs in one or both eyes. These often don’t last longer than an hour and are usually painless. An ocular migraine is different to a migraine that causes a headache.

There are a few potential causes of an ocular migraine, including existing eye conditions. However, it could also be the sign of a more serious health condition. If you experience an ocular migraine, you should have an eye test and speak to your optometrist. They can look at your eyes to find the cause, as well as recommend to best treatment for you.


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Eye conditions that can cause ocular migraines


  • Iritis (inflammation of your iris, the coloured ring at the front of your eye) ⁷..
  • Keratoconus (distortion in the shape of the cornea, the layer at the front of your eye) ⁹.
  • Glaucoma (damage to the optic nerve that can be caused by high fluid pressure in your eyes).
  • Cataracts (cloudy patches develop on your eyes lens).


Are you worried about ocular migraine?

It’s always best to get these things checked, and our expert team are on hand to help.

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