Hycosan Shield Preservative Free Eye Drops 1 x 3ml

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Product description

Unique lipid layer replacement for he management of evaporative dry eye. Suitable for moderate to severe dry eyes. Hycosan Shield is a unique and innovative eye drop that contains a molecule brand new to the UK market. Evaporative dry eyes are caused by an unstable of deficient lipid layer of the tear film that affects almost 90% of dry eye sufferers. This product replaces the outer lipid layer of the tear film creating a shield and helps to indirectly re-establish the tearfilm aqueous layer by preventing evaporation. Product packaging may vary from displayed. Product formulation is unchanged. Increases tearfilm thinckness as well as lipid layer thickness over time.

Usage instructions:
  • Remove the cap & tamper-proof ring. Hold the bottle upright and gently squeeze. Turn the bottle upside down and then release. Air is drawn through the liquid into the bottle. Gently pull down your eyelid and lightly squeeze the bottle to release one drop into each eye.




Use only as instructed. If you experience any irritation, remove lenses and consult your Optician.