Frequently Asked Questions

We've found that some Contact Lens questions crop up more often than others. So we've listed the most frequently asked below.

If you can't find the information you need below, please don't hesitate to contact us.

I have never worn lenses before, how do I begin?

When you try contact lenses for the first time you will need to ensure that you have an eye test and a full consultation first. The consultation includes an eye health check, a discussion on lens types and suitability, a wear and care teach and an in-store trial of your chosen lens.

How do I book an appointment with an optician?

You can book your eye test online today by simply clicking here to book an eye test. Choose the location most convenient to you from any of our 300 stores nation-wide.

I already have an eye test, do I need another one?

As long as your prescription is valid and within the expiry date then you don't need another eye test. However, you will still need to have a contact lens consultation.

What is a contact lens prescription?

A contact lens prescription details your individual lens requirements - the power of the lens you need, along with the size and recommended brand.

Do I get a copy of my contact lens prescription?

Yes, your optician will issue your prescription once they are satisfied with the suitability of your lenses. This isn't always on the same day as fitting as some lenses can take slightly longer to adapt to.

I already have a contact lens prescription, can I buy online?

If you have an up to date contact lens prescription this should be enough information to buy your lenses online.

Do you have to contact my original optician before I can buy online?

Not always - if you can provide us with a signed and dated copy of your contact lens prescription then we can process your order. However, we are obliged by law to have received this information and if you don't have it, then we are happy to contact your original optician to obtain it for you.

What happens if my contact lens prescription is out of date?

Unfortunately, we are unable by law to supply your contact lenses if your details are out of date. You will need to make an appointment for an aftercare consultation with your optician, who will then issue an updated version.

How much does an aftercare cost?

An aftercare consultation costs you £35, although if you are a member of our Complete Contact Care scheme all of your aftercare is included as part of your benefits package.

What is your Complete Contact Care Direct Debit scheme?

Our Complete Contact Care Direct Debit scheme is available in store and is a hassle-free way of buying and wearing lenses day-to-day.

Simply sign up in any Vision Express store to our Complete Contact Care monthly Direct Debit scheme and you will be entitled to the following great benefits:

  • Annual eye test
  • Aftercare service
  • Option of free home delivery or collect from your local store
  • Replacement contact lenses
  • Free glasses worth up to £59*
  • Free trials of contact lenses

View our Complete Contact Care information page for further details, or visit your local Vision Express Opticians for further information and full terms and conditions.

Can I join the Complete Contact Care scheme online?

No, but if you call in at your local Vision Express store our experts are on hand to discuss the Complete Contact Care scheme with you.

I can't find the lenses I currently have on your web site, can you help me?

It may be that you have been fitted with another optician's 'own brand' of lenses, quite often though these are simply a recognised brand repackaged.

Is it safe to order online?

Yes, the personal details that you send us are held in a highly secure online system. It is Vision Express' company policy to adhere strictly to data protection protocol and all orders are supplied in accordance with the opticians act.

How soon will I receive my lenses?

We will acknowledge receipt of your order by e-mail. Once we have confirmed your contact lens specification with your optician your lenses will be despatched. Normally within 5 days.

What happens if I have problems with my lenses?

If the lenses you have received are damaged or incorrect simply contact us on 0800 298 33 44 for a returns label, we will then give instructions on how to return the lenses to us, once we have received your lenses back we will replace them immediately. Otherwise contact your Optician for an aftercare.

Why has my optometrist advised me never to swim/shower in my lenses or use water on my contact lenses?

Water contains a number of harmful viruses and bacteria which can cause serious eye infections. Even chemically treated water can irritate eyes, making them sore and increasing the risk of infection.

Don't be tempted to rinse your contact lens cases with water - contact lens solution will clean and disinfect your case adequately. Air dry your case on tissue after use.

Do not be tempted to top up your solution, use fresh solution every time.

We also offer a range of prescription swimming goggles - simply ask in store for further details.

How can I contact you?

You can find all our contact details on our contact us page.