Contact lens solutions made simple

A ready supply of fresh solution is essential if you wear reusable contact lenses. Good lens hygiene is key to keeping your eyes healthy and your vision sharp. Our contact lens solutions rinse, clean, disinfect, hydrate, and store your lenses.  Daily contact lenses don’t need to be cleaned - you wear them once and then can discard them.

There are three main types of contact lens solutions: multipurpose, peroxide, and saline. There are plenty of products for different lens types, but which is right for you?



What’s the best contact lens solution for you?

Keep eyes healthy and never use water

Don’t use water or saliva to wet or clean any type of contact lens. Doing so leave deposits of harmful micro-organisms that can cause eye infection. Never reuse or top up contact lens solution. Bacteria will have had time to grow and multiply in used solution.



Contact lens solutions
that go the extra mile

There’s a contact lens solution for every kind of eye health need and lifestyle. All of our multipurpose and peroxide solutions do the basics: clean, disinfect, rinse, hydrate and store. Some have added benefits, like additional comfort and superior cleaning. Your specialist will recommend a solution that supports your eye health on every level.


How to use contact lens solution

We’ve answered two of the most commonly asked questions about contact lens solution. Remember; our specialists are happy to answer all of your questions and recommend the best fluid for your eyes.