Your guide to wearing contact lenses in cold weather

Winter brings icy winds, indoor heating and dry eyes. Contact lenses can still be worn during winter. You may find that wearing contact lenses for dry eyes can boost your comfort. But what about vision quality and eye health in different conditions? Our tips will help you keep vision sharp and eyes feeling healthy, whether you’re working long hours, hitting the ski slopes, or meeting friends for coffee. In winter, your glasses instantly fog up when you come in from the cold. That doesn’t happen with contact lenses.



Wearing contact lenses if you feel unwell

Now you’re up to speed on contact lenses, dry eyes, and cold weather. What about other things seasonal changes bring, like colds and flu? If you’re feeling even slightly unwell, we recommend you stop wearing contact lenses and switch to glasses. Doing so can help prevent bacteria or virus getting into your eye and causing an eye infection.



Consider switching to glasses

Using glasses on some days and contact lenses on others makes sense for most lifestyles. Most of us switch between different activities and situations where we might prefer contact lenses or glasses for any number of reasons. Illness is one those times when glasses could be the best they can reduce the risk of eye infection.