Medikidz explain eye tests

Vision Express has teamed up with MediKidz to make it easy to explain to children why they need an eye test.

Follow seven-year-old Maddison as she is transported to the Mediland eye lab where the Medikidz explain the importance of eye tests and what they involve.

MediKidz is an award-winning, global venture, headed up by paediatric specialists Dr Kate Hersov and Dr Kim Chilman-Blair, which conveys healthcare messages to children through comics featuring the adventures of a gang of five superhero characters called the MediKidz.

Vision Express ran a competition for one lucky child to appear in the comic and the lucky winner was Maddison Andrews, aged seven. She has been illustrated as a character in a superhero story as part of a campaign to boost the number of under 16s taking the free eye test they are entitled to.

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An eye test for your children

Superhero adventures inside the body! Medikidz explain eye tests.

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