The importance of looking after their eyes.

At Vision Express all of our children's sunglasses come with 100% UV protection and carry the CE mark of quality. Starting from just £15 our durable sunglasses collection has a wide range of fun, colourful and fashionable styles made for active kids.

Best of all our in-store experts will ensure the right fit for your child. If you look after your children's eyes, their vision is more likely to last a lifetime.

Why UV protection is important

By the time we reach the age of 18, we will have absorbed 50% of all the ultraviolet light we will ever absorb in our lifetime. Since damage from UV is cumulative, exposure gained as a child can build up and lead to further problems in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to take the correct precautionary measures to protect your children's eyes from UV radiation.

As children we are all told to never stare directly at the sun since it can cause permanent damage on your eyes. Children must be made aware of the importance of their eye sight and the damage the sun can do.

The first step in protecting your child's eyes from the sun is to provide them with UV protected sunglasses that block all forms of UV radiation.

A child's annual dose of UV radiation can be up to three times that of adults. This is because children are more likely to spend more time outdoors in the sun.

In addition, the very nature of a child's eye is more vulnerable to UV light. Since their eyes are still developing, they have clearer lenses which can allow more UV light to reach the eye and penetrate deeper into the retina.

Experts have warned that 75% of parents are risking their child's eyesight by exposing them to bright sun without appropriate protection. By using Vision Express for your child's eyewear needs you'll have the peace of mind that your child's eyes are protected whenever they're in the sun.