Choosing children's lenses

All of our children's glasses are made to the highest standards of safety and come with scratch-resistant lenses as standard. Often a child's prescription or lifestyle makes trading up to a speciality lens a much better option.

Speciality lens trade-up options

  1. Clearview Safe lenses for just £10 (with an NHS voucher)
    Virtually unbreakable; these lenses are great for active children who love playing sports. Benefits include:

    • 10x more impact resistant than regular plastic lenses
    • Thinner and lighter than standard lenses
    • UV protected
  2. Clearview Crystal Thin & Light 25 lenses from just £40 (with an NHS voucher)
    Great for children requiring high prescriptions. Benefits include:

    • Better cosmetic appearance - no thick lenses
    • Extremely lightweight - comfortable to wear
    • Anti-reflective coating
    • UV protected

Contact your local Vision Express store to find out more.