Sam Squire: How do you #ExpressYourself?

You are unique. But what makes you, you? How do you #ExpressYourself?

We’ve asked some of our friends to share with us what makes them unique and how they choose to express themselves…

Sam Squire is an industry recognised men’s fashion and lifestyle blogger. During the three years he’s been blogging, he has worked with celebrities including Calum Best, David Gandy and Kit Harrington for his blog imsamquire. He has recently launched his own footwear range SQUIRE featuring classic designs with a retro twist, designed himself and handmade in Italy.

What do you do for a living?

I am a content marketing coordinator, basically I manage social media accounts and create cool content. In my spare time I am a men’s fashion & lifestyle blogger, working with major brands (such as Vision Express!) on creating cool photoshoots and blog content!

Sam Squire ExpressYourself Vision Express Blink

Menora Sunset

What’s the best sight in the world? 

I recently got back from Menorca, whilst there we went to see a place that is said to have the best sunset on the island, it didn’t disappoint. The warm fiery glow of the sun gradually dropping down behind the sea was absolutely breathtaking and is possibly one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen!

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

I actually always wanted to be a teacher…I have no idea why because I wasn’t really that in to school! Even when I left school I had no idea what I planned to do with my life and ended up falling in to a creative career that I love!

Do you remember your earliest memory?

This is super tricky because I actually have a really bad memory! I have one memory which is probably one of my earliest, I’d guess I was maybe three or four and my sister took the axel out of a toy car and we were playing fetch (I was the dog…) long story short it got stuck between my teeth and I had to have an emergency dental appointment.

Describe your family in one word


What are you looking at right now?

Right now I am looking at my Macbook answering these questions, and also writing a blog post, too! Who said men can’t multitask?

Where’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?

Sam Squire ExpressYourself Blink Vision Express Menorca Cuitadella

Cuitadella, Menorca

There’s a place in Menorca called Cuitadella, it’s really beautiful from a city aspect. I love architecture and I am a big fan of cities. It has a huge cathedral in the centre, with loads of tiny winding streets coming off of it, it’s quintessentially Spanish looking.

Sam Squire, ExpressYourself, Vision Express, Blink

Sam’s laid back style

Describe your style

I’d say I have quite relaxed style. There’s a lot of guys that really can rock the suited and booted look but that’s not me at all, I like to feel comfortable and casual. I’d say I’m premium highstreet, as a men’s style blogger I think I have pretty good style, I like to try new things and check out the latest trends, too!

What’s the most fun you’ve ever had?

I’m pretty easy going in life and try to enjoy every single moment of life. Recently we took a motor yacht out to visit some secluded beaches, on the way back I was sat right at the front (titanic style…) and the skipper gave it full power, the views were amazing and the adrenaline really got pumping! It was definitely fun!

Sam Squire, ExpressYourself, Vision Express, Blink

We think Sam’s selfie skills are en pointe!

How are your selfie skills?

I’d say I have pretty good selfie skills! It’s all about the lighting and filters, plus the angle. No-one looks good low angle so I always avoid that!! I am currently loving the Prisma app with awesome artistic filters.

What is something not many people know about you?

Something not many people online might know is that Squire isn’t actually my surname! I created it when I became a blogger because initially I didn’t want anyone knowing who I was…I still try and keep my surname to myself just so I can have my private life, too so I’m afraid I’m not going to divulge just yet!!

How do you #ExpressYourself?

I express myself through writing. As a blogger writing is a big part of my life and I think it’s a way I creatively express how I’m feeling, my thoughts, opinions and all of that kind of stuff. I’d say my style, too as they come hand in hand with what I do online.

Tell us how you #ExpressYourself on the Vision Express Facebook page for the chance to win exclusive glasses or sunglasses.


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