Christelle Sears: How do you #ExpressYourself?

Christelle Sears has worked for the Stroke Association for two years. The Stroke Association provides support to people affected by stroke and raises awareness about the risk factors. Up to 60% of stroke survivors experience visual problems yet as many as one in three people are unaware that sight loss could be a problem or that treatment and support is available. Through our sponsorship of the Stroke Association Thames Bridges Bike Ride and regular Know Your Blood Pressure events at Vision Express stores, we hope to raise awareness about the support available and the measures people can take to detect their risk of stroke. We caught up with Christelle to ask her about her life, her work and how she chooses to express herself.

What do you do for a living? 

I’m Corporate Partnerships Account Manager at the Stroke Association. My job involves working with businesses to help deliver and support employee fundraising programs, events and national campaigns that help drive awareness about the risks of stroke.

My gran had a stroke, so I’ve seen firsthand the effects it has on people. I absolutely love the charity and the services that are provided to stroke survivors, as well as all of the fantastic research that is being done into stroke.

Sea, ExpressYourself, Vision Express

Christelle’s favourite sight in the world – the sea!

The best thing about my job is the variety; I could be attending a Know Your Blood Pressure on a night shift, or I could be helping out at a Resolution Run, presenting to senior managers at Royal Mail or in the office working on a new campaign, each day is never the same! The best thing that I’ve ever got to do whilst at Stroke Association is attend one of the Queens 90th Birthday Celebrations earlier this year – it was an absolute honor to attend and sing ‘Happy Birthday Your Majesty’.

What‘s the best sight in the world?

The sea! Well I am from Devon…

Where’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?

New Zealand – I can’t even break it down further to a specific location, the whole country is just amazing! I went in 2014 for three weeks while travelling for 6 months – it was the start of part of a bigger trip to: NZ, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Nepal & Hong Kong.

Vision Express, ExpressYourself

Christelle visited New Zealand in 2014

What’s the most fun you’ve ever had?

That’s a toughie. Probably summer 2009, travelling Europe with friends and meeting my lovely boyfriend. We went to Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary & Croatia – I think we were gone for about six weeks in total.

Vision Express, ExpressYourself, Selfie

Christelle gets bonus selfie skill points for including her very cute 2 year old nephew!

How are your selfie skills?

So bad…I don’t think my arms are long enough…here’s one of me and my nephew, and yes, that is dribble!

What are you looking at right now?

My laptop and my sprained ankle, that’s ice on it by the way! I sprained it dancing at a wedding last week. It was the third wedding in 7 days and I think I was a bit giddy by the last one!

What’s your earliest memory?

Sitting outside under an umbrella at my sister’s birthday party. I can remember my sister had one of those necklaces that are made of sweets?! I’m afraid that’s about it. I’m pretty sure it was sunny though and I was being shaded by the umbrella!

ExpressYourself, Vision Express

Christelle and her friend Lisa once made the front page of a national Indian newspaper

What’s something not many people know about you?

I once made the front page of a national Indian newspaper! Myself and my friend Lisa had a slightly dodgy rickshaw drive. We wanted to go to a market, but the driver tried to take us somewhere else, so we asked him to just stop where we were (without knowing where we were!). Long story short, after a lot of time being lost, and asking lots of people, we found a more local market that was selling navaratri festival clothing – the Gujarat’s biggest festival. A reporter for the Rajasthan Patrika newspaper wanted to show that all cultures were celebrating the Navartri festival. We spent the rest of the week at lots of local festivals dancing the Dandiya Raas (dance with wooden sticks).

How do you #ExpressYourself?

I express myself through singing. I joined Royal Mail’s choir when we partnered with them in 2014 and have been singing ever since. I recently moved to Nottingham so I don’t sing with them anymore, but I will be joining a local choir here once a bit more settled in the new house. My favourite performance with them though would have to be singing at either the Houses of Parliament or St Martins in the Fields, and my favourite songs to sing have to be ‘Run’ by Snow Patrol or ‘He ain’t heavy’.

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