Hailey Bieber x Vogue Eyewear

We here at Vision Express are delighted to welcome the partnership between Vogue Eyewear and Hailey Bieber as a creative force in the glasses world, but you may have some questions about it, like how did their partnership come together?

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The Hailey Bieber and
Vogue Eyewear partnership

Vogue Eyewear want to ring in the latest fashion season with a fantastic partner to really show how their eyewear is truly for everyone. Hailey Bieber is the perfect partner for this and so the two came together to help drive towards this aim. Hailey herself said “Vogue Eyewear is known for having unique styles for everyone. I believe eyewear is an accessory that can elevate your look. With this collaboration, we focused on designing options that could fit with any style”.

Now that we know the who and the how of Vogue Eyewear and Hailey Bieber, lets take a look at some of the amazing designs that have come out of this creative partnership.

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