How to wear round glasses

Trends for glasses and sunglasses come and go throughout the years. With every trend, there come questions. Questions of whether my face is going to work with these frames, what colours should I go with and what clothing goes well with them. Well fear not, today we’ll be taking you through all these questions and hoping to answer them. We hope this guide can help you bring out the best of round glasses and sunglasses for both men and women.

- 6 minutes to read

Finally, one more trend that’s been coming in this year is the return of the classic tortoise-shell frames. These natural inspired frames can be seen to be the hot new statement piece for your face this year. Combining these with the trend of rounded glasses means you can capture lightning in a bottle with a stunning look. These Saint Laurent SL 106’s provides both that rounded frame and the tortoiseshell pattern that can help you shock the world with your sense of style.