Looking for the right sunglasses? Ask the experts

We all love the sun, but its invisible rays can damage our skin and harm our eyesight. We'll give you all the help and advice you need to see clearly in the sun and it couldn't be easier with prescription sun lenses starting from just £59. But most importantly we're committed to ensuring you see safely too, which is why all our sun lenses come with 100% UVA/UVB protection as standard.

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You're protected

At Vision Express, our optical experts have the knowledge required to help you buy sunglasses that provide the right protection for your eyes, filtering out 100% of dangerous UVA and UVB rays, whilst allowing perfect clarity of vision.

Polarised lenses

Look good, stay safe

80%of our stylish range of sunglasses can take prescription lenses, which means looking good, staying safe and seeing clearly in the sun is easy. By choosing the right frame, lens colour and level of tint, you can combine custom made protection with the most fashionable eyewear around.

Protect your sunglasses

Accidental damage can happen at any time but with a Grand Advantage card you can protect your sunglasses purchased from Vision Express for one year from as little as £9 - Find out more »

UVB and UVA explained

At Vision Express we take vision seriously. That's why all sunglasses in our extensive range filter out 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.

UVB - B is for Burning
Responsible for causing sunburn UVB rays can quickly damage eye tissue with prolonged and unprotected exposure. All Vision Express sunglasses filter out 100% of UVB rays.

UVA - A is for Ageing
These rays tan your skin but also cause premature ageing and can accelerate the development of age related illnesses. They cause damage over a long period and excessive exposure can damage eyesight. All Vision Express sunglasses filter out 100% of UVA rays.

We also offer darker tints which offer even greater protection.