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Vision Express and road safety charity Brake, have joined forces in a bid to make the UK’s road safer by raising awareness of and better legislating, vision problems as a major contributor to traffic accidents. By working together, both organisations hope to encourage more drivers to have regular Eye Tests to safeguard their driving licences but more importantly, help keep Britain’s roads safer.

Staycation Tour

With 50% of holiday makers choosing to take their main holiday within the UK this year (compared to 38% in 2016), it is likely the roads will be even busier this summer. In a recent study, Brits are more likely to have their vehicles stocked with plenty of drinks and snacks but are less likely to have had their eyes tested. In fact, almost 30% of UK drivers are overdue an Eye Test, with 4% admitting to never having one at all. Vision Express are stepping in to make sure drivers know just how important it is to make sure their vision is up to the journey.

From the 17th to the 21st July 2017, Vision Express will be touring 5 Welcome Break service stations offering Free Eye Test vouchers and eye screening to highlight the importance of driver eye health and launch their driving for zero campaign, offering drivers in the UK Free Eye Tests across the summer holidays.


Your Free Eye Test

An Eye Test from Vision Express usually costs £25 and takes half an hour to complete including both a health screening and a sight test. Our health screening will check for signs of conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration as well as more serious bodily conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.

To claim your Free Eye Test voucher, complete the following form, giving your name and email and your voucher will be forwarded to your inbox.

About Brake

Brake was founded in 1995 as a charitable organisation to raise awareness for road safety and sustainable transport. To find out more about our partnership with Brake, click here.

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