Glasses with
photochromic lenses

Single-vision photochromic lenses get lighter and darker depending on the levels of sunlight. Also known as photochromic or adaptive lenses, these versatile glasses are ideal for general wear, as well as activities like driving and exercising. We also have a variety of other lens add-ons for you to choose from to suit your lifestyle. Read below to find out more about the benefits of photochromic glasses and how they work.



Uses of photochromic glasses

As photochromic glasses are adaptable to various environments, they can reduce the need to carry around more than one pair of glasses, say for general use and driving.



Photochromic colours

You can get our photochromic lenses in the below 3 colours.

If you think you could benefit from glasses with adaptive lenses, you can talk to us instore. We can give you an eye test and help you find the perfect glasses for you.