Safety eyecare

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To protect eyes and eyesight, safety glasses are essential for jobs where dust or flying debris is present – even though there is no legal obligation to provide your employees with prescription safety glasses. However, people may be far more effective in their role if their vision is not restricted, which is often the case if they have to wear goggles over their own prescription glasses.

Our range of protective eyewear includes stylish and practical models from Norville, whose glasses meet the most stringent of safety requirements. They are also CE marked and conform to both EEC directives and BS EN standards.

The Safety eyecare plan

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Free Eye Test

Free eye test*

including digital retinal

Complete safety glasses

Complete safety glasses

with single vision lenses and scratch
resistant coating, start at just £35

Save 60%

Save 60%

On store prices

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*Free eye test subject to purchase of complete safety glasses costing £35 or more.

Our glasses range

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