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One in four people who drive for work are not having regular sight tests, with 6% admitting to not having an eye test in the last 10 years. Figures which surely contribute to the UK’s number of annual road casualties, which currently stands at nearly 3000.

Whether your employees ride motorcycles, operate forklift trucks or drive buses or large haulage vehicles, you must ensure their safety while driving at work. As well as that of passengers and other road users.

There’s no law compelling employers to provide eyecare for commercial drivers, but they do have a duty of care, as stated in the Health and Safety at Work Act. Costing just £15 per employee, our corporate Drivers Plan will help you meet any legal requirements, while protecting the vision of your workforce when out on the road.

The Driver eyecare plan

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Free Eye Test

Free eye test

including digital retinal

£45 off glasses

£45 OFF from Vision Express

on prescription glasses
with single vision lenses

Free contact lenses


Upgrades available via
employee contribution in store

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