A new vision for Heston Blumenthal


left to right: British Designer Tom Davies, Heston Blumenthal and Jonathan Lawson, Chief Executive Officer, Vision Express

Vision Express is happy to announce an exciting new relationship with leading chef and iconic spectacle wearer Heston Blumenthal.

Heston has been described as an alchemist for his multisensory approach to the dining experience. His innovative approach to design and technology brings an exciting dimension to the customer offer development at Vision Express across our 326 UK and Irish optical stores.

Vision Express is now looking forward to harnessing that creativity and working with Heston on their product strategy, alongside leading British eyewear designers Tom Davies from Richmond and Inspecs of Bath. Plans include creating a unique range of signature glasses and eyewear which will be available exclusively through Vision Express stores across the UK and Ireland.

Heston, who is now wearing his new Tom Davies frames with bespoke lenses from Vision Express said, “Both eyewear and eye care are obviously very important to me and I have been really impressed by the quality of my eye examination, which has already led to improvements in the visual quality of my leisure and work time.”

Jonathan Lawson, Chief Executive Officer at Vision Express commented, “We are delighted to be working with Heston, whose passion for eyewear and eye care was evident from the start. We both have a clear common desire to drive higher levels of quality and innovation in British optical retail.”

Heston’s creative input comes at an exciting time for Vision Express who in 2011 saw sales and market growth and £3.5 million increase in pre tax profit, during what has been a challenging time for the retail sector.

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