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Varifocal lenses

See near, far and in-between with our great range of varifocal lenses.

Eyes change throughout our lives, gradually losing the ability to focus on close objects. During our mid-forties, the lenses in our eyes become stiffer, and the muscles that control them change - which eventually causes blurred vision. This is called Presbyopia, and it happens to all of us.

You'll probably find yourself holding books, newspapers or product labels further away, or needing more light in order to read clearly.

If you are experiencing the symptoms of Presbyopia, there are three lens options:

  • Reading: good for near vision only. If you look up at a computer screen or across a room, your vision will blur while wearing glasses.
  • Bifocal: an older option wherein the lens is divided into two distinct sections for near and distance, but provides no correction for mid distance.
  • Varifocal: ideal for all distances, as the lens corrects near, distance and in-between vision.

We recommend varifocal lenses for:

  • The convenience of having natural vision at all distances in one pair of glasses.
  • Great cosmetic appearance with no visible line on the lens, unlike bifocal lenses.

Even varifocal lenses cannot offer 100% clear vision - there will be areas of the lenses through which you will see softer focus. The lenses you choose can determine the amount of soft-focus area you experience. A tailor-made lens will enable you to minimise this effect.

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Varifocal lenses

Varifocal lenses exampleSee near, far and in-between with our great range of varifocal lenses



The choice of most varifocal wearers offering the widest field of view and natural to use



Easier to adapt to and a wider field of vision



Good clarity of vision and fits a wider range of frames



Our great quality entry level varifocal includes scratch-resistance

Prices quoted are for 1.5 hard coated lenses, all other lens upgrades apply.

You can also choose to have your new varifocals tailor made with bespoke measurements using our best varifocal from Variview for the widest fields of view, the most natural vision and the easiest lens to use.